Looking ahead in 2018

Today i’ve gone ahead and made a few clips about the road ahead for me in 2018, about how i’m thinking about releasing long overdue videos and written pieces, and how i’m going to do my best to get it all out there into the world as soon as possible.

Simply put – for the next 12 months i’m going to throw everything onto this website and pray it all works out. So then, why do that in the first place? Save for a few other personal reasons which aren’t worth mentioning here, the effort that it took to run multiple different outlets with the kind of quality content I liked, was in short, draining. So I thought it was time for a refocus, and that’s in part why this website now exists.

Essentially i’ve spent the past few months sifting through the server and through various old drives and getting myself up to speed on a productive and solid 2018. This now puts in a place where I almost have never been in my entire life, where I can finally really dig into past & present video & photos and hopefully, start making stuff quickly and of merit.

So what kind of new (okay, some technically old) stuff can you expect? Right now, here’s where i’m at with my list:

To be fair, i’m not that great at keeping up to date with lists or deadlines, i’m going to try and do my part, but i’m hoping if you’re interested in anything on that list, that you’ll give me a nudge and say g’day every now and again.

So there you go, i’m off to go make stuff, catchya’ in a bit, yeah?

Ben Roache

Australian Director, Photography & Vlogger. Ben has spent his life dedicated to the art of storytelling - today he spends his time crafting film, photo & digital ideas for brands, and in his spare time seeks out the very best adventures, theme parks and beers.

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