Watch – Brisbane’s Japanese Zen Garden

This is a little favourite spot of mine, particularly when you need to escape the world for an hour or two and refocus. Brisbane’s Japanese Garden, located in the heart of the Botanical Gardens at the base of Mount Cootha, was designed by the late Kenzo Ogata and was a fixture of the World Expo ’88 (that essentially put Brisbane on the map) and was essentially transferred to the site where it now resides when the Expo had finished.

According to Wikipedia, the theme of the garden is based around an idea of “mountain, pond, stream”, and features a Tsukabai bowl which is over a hundred years old. If anything, the architecture, the green-space and the flora used all remind me of the Imperial Gardens in Tokyo, albeit much more condensed than it’s Japanese big brother.

If you’ve got the time, it comes highly recommended – the Botanical Gardens open everyday from 8am-5pm, but if you don’t have time today, you can checkout this little clip I did instead.




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