Night time perspectives of Brisbane City

[nectar_dropcap color=”#0a0a0a”]H[/nectar_dropcap]ere’s a small collection of photos i’ve shot over the past few years of the city I call home, Brisbane. Most of these are roughly 30-60 second exposures taken my trusty, old 6D. I don’t know what it is about night photography, but sometimes going out on your own with your camera on a weeknight is profoundly relaxing – compared to my daytime work, which involves a lot of quick decision making, the ability to unwind and make small tweaks at your own pace is my idea of bliss.


This was a shot I took from the Fortitude Valley end of the Story Bridge.


Another favourite of mine – I just really dig the geometry and architecture of some of Brisbane’s new wharves.


Another classic – this is quite a few years old now – it’s the entrance to 111 Eagle St.



Ben Roache

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